Seasonal Special

Reuben Chimis

A dish from all over the world. House made corn beef with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, chopped dill pickles and Russians dressing, wrapped in two flour tortillas and deep fried. Served on a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce with a sprinkle of chopped red bell pepppers, black olives, parsley and a drizzle of Russian dressing. 12.75 Have it on a bed of sweet potato fries for $2 extra.

Deconstructed Chile Relleno

Fire-Roasted poblano stuffed with calabacitas, Joey’s sauce and lots of melted cheese. Finished with sour cream, queso fresco and a black olive. Served with black beans and Mexican rice. 11.25 Add chicken 2.75

Oaxacan Enfrijoladas

Stumbled upon this dish while on vocation and made it “Eclectic”. Our house made corn tortillas are cooked in an enfrijolada sauce (refired beans with Marc’s chorizo sauce), served open faced with chorizo and potatoes. Topped with more enfrijolada sauce, sour cream, queso fresco, green onion, avocado, and black beans. Served with a Mexican salad. 12.50

Curry Chicken Salad

A scoop of our special curry chicken salad (chopped chicken, onion, grapes, pickles, walnuts, hard-boiled egg, raisins and chutney dressing) served on green leaf lettuce with sliced Willcox tomatoes, cucumber and avocado. Garnish with Fresh berries. 11.25