Egg (huevos)

Served with your choice of chilaquiles, sliced tomatoes, potatoes, refried beans (upgrade to “el Mexicano” 1/3 beans, 1/3 potatoes for 1.00) and your choice of house made biscuit, tortilla, whole wheat or raisin toast.

* Two Eggs any style 5.50

*Two Eggs with your choice of Harm, Sausage, or Bacon 6.75 with Chorizo 7.75

*Cheesy Eggs Scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, corn tortilla and siasa 7.50

*Lox and Onions Scramble Eggs with Lox and onions 8.50

*Traditional Egg Sandwich Two aggs any style, with ham, and cheese on an english muffin 7.75

Breakfast Burritos

All Burros served with a side of chilaquiles. Available “Enchilada Style” 1.25
Chorizo Burro Chorizo, eggs, potatoes and beans, 9.25
Machaca Burro Carne machaca with eggs, beans and cheese. 9.25
Rancher Buroo Eggs, house-made ranchero salsa, beans and cheese, 8.75
Veggie Burro Spinach, potatoes, beans, queso fresco, salsa fresca, red and green peppers and egs on a whole wheat tortilla. 8.50
Gringo Burro Bacon, egg, cheese and bgreen chilli. 8.50
“This Little Piggy” Burro Your choice of harm or sausage, eggs, potatoes and shredded cheese. Topped with two slices of bacon. 8.75

3 Egg Omelettes

Egg Whites add 1.75
Served with your choice of chilaquiles, sliced tomatoes, potatoes, refried beans (upgrade to “el Mexicano” 1/3 Chilaqilies, 1/3 beans, 1/3 potatoes for 1.00) and your choice of house made biscuit, tortilla, whole heat or raisin toast.

Mushroom, Spinach, and Cheddar Cheese 8.00
Double Cheese– A blend of Jack and Cheddar Cheese 8.00
Denver Omellete Ham, bell pepper, jack and Cheddar cheese, and onion 8.75
Avocado, Tomato, Jack and Cheddar Cheese 9.25
Green Chile and Cheddar Cheese 8.00
Chicken, Avocado, and Swiss Cheese 9.75}
Fresh Asparagus, Havarti and Ham 9.75
Bacon, Tomato, and Avocado 9.25
BYOO– Build Your Own Omelette 6.75 + 1.25 per veggie or + 2.25 per meat choice.

Health and Fiber

The Protein Plate
6 Egg whites scrambled with turkey, spinach, black beans, avacado salsa fresca, Served with fruit or cottage cheese. 10.50
Fresh Fruit Platter
A mixture of pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, banana, apple, orange, strawberry, blueberry, and topped with walnuts, 9.50
Lox, Bagel, Red Onion, Tomato and Cream Cheese
House Made Grano;a Bowl with Fresh Fruit and Low Fat Yogurt 8.50


Zucchini Bread French Toast
House baked zucchini bread french toast topped with walnuts and powerdered sugar. Served with a side of fresh fruit. only 10 orders available daily 9.50

*Plato de Chilaquiles
Your choice of carne machaca or Leo’s special chicken tops chilaquiles, 2 eggs any style, avocado slices, sour creme, queso fresco and black beans.
Carne Machaca 10.75
Leo’s Special Chicken 9.75
vegetarian 8.50

*Huevos Rancheros
This dish is so popular we serve it all da long. A crispy corn tortilla topped with refired beans, eggs any way you like them, house-made ranchero salsa, avocado slies, and melted cheese. Served with a flour tortilla and sideof chilaquiles. 8.75

Sunrise Sandwich
House-made biscuits are topped with 2 eggs scrambled with spinach, green onion, diced tomato, and cheese. Served with your choice of potatos, tomatoes, chilaquiles, or beans. 8.75 Add Ham, Bacon or Sausage 1.25

*Breakfast Enchildas
Two corn tortillas rolled and stuffed with our homemade red chilli sauce and blend of melted cheeses, topped with more cheese, sauce and 2 eggs any style. Served with a side of refired beans 8.75
Add Leo’s Special Chicken 2.50

* The Monte Cristo
French toast sandwiches cream cheese, honey and brown sugar ham, bacon, and 2 eggs any style. Topped with powdered suagr and served with a side of fresh fruit. 11.00

French Toast & Whole Wheat Pancakes

French Toast or Panckaes with Fruit 7.00
*French Toast or Pancakes with two Eggs any Style 8.00
Pancakes stuffed with House made Granola & Strawberries 8.50
Blueberry Pancakes 8.50
Blueberry Pancakes with Walnuts 8.75
Banana Pancakes 8.50
Chocolate Chip Panckaes with your choice of Banana or Strawberry 8.75